How To Talk To Your Loved Ones About Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation

If you’ve been prescribed medical marijuana, you may, like many people, be worried about how to tell your family and friends about the prescription and what they’ll think of you after you tell them. They may ask you about the legitimacy or need for medical marijuana, the need for it when other prescriptions are around, and so on and so forth. The general stigma around marijuana itself can make the topic worrisome. Here are some helpful suggestions to help you speak to your family about your recommendation.

    The first concern among worried patients is whether or not others will approve of their use of medical marijuana. Before anything else, make sure you are comfortable using medical marijuana. If you are, then it’ll be easier to speak to others about it. Do research. Gain knowledge on the topic.Research the benefits of THC and CBD, research alternative methods to smoking such as edibles, oils and vaporizers. The more you know, the easier it will be to ease any concerns they may have.

    After you’ve gained a fair amount of information, start to ponder the people you’re speaking to. Are they very anti-drug or open minded to the notion? Give people credit where it’s due in that regard- oftentimes they can surprise you with their tolerance. Also decide if you want to tell everyone at a large gathering or just the people you feel need to know in a quiet, private setting.  I wish there was a sure-fire method to telling your loved ones about this but it has to be individualized based on the audience.

    The next step is to gather the people you want to tell in person- it’ll be easier for them to be understanding if you’re a human face right next to them instead of on the phone. If it’s somebody long distance, a phone call will do but try and see if you could get them on skype, the free web chatting service. You could make some dinner, go to a restaurant or any activity you and your loved ones enjoy. Then, wait for the moment to come. You may wonder when the right moment is- it could be at the end of the gathering as everyone is getting their coats or it can be the first thing out of your mouth when you meet. The truth is there is rarely a moment where it will just feel right. Do it when you feel it’s appropriate.

    Once the moment has arrived, calmly tell them you have a doctors recommendation for medical marijuana and that you’re going to be using it. Don’t play coy or dance around the issue- honesty is your best friend in these cases. Their reactions will depend on their personal views, but no matter how they react, reassure them that you’ll still be the same person and that you love them. Tell them why it’s been recommended for you too and why you feel you should use it. This is where all that knowledge you gathered earlier will come in handy because it’s likely they’ll have a lot of questions. It’s important to not become upset or visibly put off by any questions as they may sound rude to you, but the other person may just not genuinely understand some aspect of it. Be calm, patient and reassuring for the people in your life. Answer their questions calmly.

    If the person becomes rude or is put off by your recommendation, simply say ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ and leave it at that. If they become angry or rude to you, keep calm and just make it clear that you’re still going to be using medical marijuana. If they want to leave, let them, it’ll give them time to cool down. You can decide to not mention it to them again or whatever feels  right for you based on your relationship with the person. Most people, however, you’ll find to be less angry and more confused or ignorant of the topic.

    After you’ve told them, carry on as usual with whatever you’re doing and just be yourself. It won’t be a big deal so long as you treat it like a doctors prescription- just an everyday medicine you’ll be taking. Treat it as such and they will learn to as well. Best of luck on your journey as a patient and with telling those you care about.

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